Control by intelligence to maximize Supply chain profits and minimize "unseen" costs.

Ecommerce or traditional commerce. We got your back!

Tailored to your needs, not the other way around

Global trade CZchat

Our chat is the first communication tool made specially to global trade needs.

AI optimization

Make your global trade operations better than yesterday. Every day.

Purchase demand - POD management made easy

See the full picture. Manage and track your goods and stock anytime, anywhere - from PO to final delivery.

24/7 Risk & Opportunities assessment

Spot the risk before it turns into disruption and take advantage of opportunities in real time

Better communication & collaboration

Speed up communication and work more securely and efficiently.

Procurement & shipping join forces

Manage the entire global trade activities in one place to master your SC.


Gain control over your supply chain and minimize extra costs and delays .

Go digital first

Start your digital journey and add capabilities to automate your workflow.

Reduce call volume center

Make your organization smarter and reduce the need of check calls and emails. All you need is at your fingertips.

World class tech standard

Closing the huge technological gap.


Why customers loves us?

We keep it simple, but yet super smart. We allow them to handle more cargo with less risk and supply chain disruptions, so they move more cargo and keep more profit and happier customers.

Improve organization overall preformance
An easier, more organized way to work
Save time with Automations


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