COMPLETET CONTROL Over Supply Chain Operations

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E-commerce or traditional commerce. We got your back! our Operational Platform allows you to keep more profits and time by your side!

Fully Customizable. It is tailored to your needs, not the other way around! Run Supply Chain operations your way!

Purchase Orders Flow

Create new purchase orders with smart approval flow and manage all existing orders in one place and in synergy, so you can track orders status in real time and update relevant steak holders (brand managers/supply chain/finance/ VA etc....

Smart Inventory Management

Control inventory and make decisions about changes in locations, make additional orders and see the value inventory in real time. At any location.

Purchase demand - Approvers Flow That Keeps The Relevant People in the Loop

Manage and track your goods and stock anytime, anywhere, from any W/H.

24/7 Risk & Opportunities Assessment

Spot the risk before it turns into disruption and take advantage of opportunities in real time


Create an intelligent catalog that automatically filled by connecting to the Seller's Amazon account. The Catalog includes all product relevant data. Such as sizes, prices, suppliers, statuses, group, related products, and identifications. Automatically synced with amazon and other marketplaces. .

Procurement & shipping join forces

Create and track shipments from Purchase Order to destination (FBA/FBM/DC). Matching and selecting the best shipping offer is easy and helps to save time and shipping costs.

Business Partners

Vendors, 3pls, Forwarders, VA's - Create one place with all business partners' details, including commercial + payment terms, addresses and contacts.

Holistic View

CargoZone dashboard gives you a comprehensive, holistic overview of your operations. Our dashboard allows viewing performance and measures in one place, tracking the inventory, orders, shipments, and the know-how to change the behavior accordingly and stay on top of what matters most. Based on accurate real-time data.

Forecast based on real data

Our algorithms helps you understand the right quantities to order to keep your BSR ranking and customers

AI Optimization

Make your operations better than yesterday. Every day.

Ecommerce Operations Success is our Obsession

Why customers loves us?

We keep it simple, but yet super smart. We allow them to handle more cargo with less risk and supply chain disruptions, so they move more cargo and keep more profit and happier customers.

Improve organization overall preformance
An easier, more organized way to work
Save time with Automations


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