Frequently Asked Questions

1How does CargoZone fit into my work flow today?
From the stage of ordering the purchase or setting up the delivery, it depends on the form of your work.
2Can i work with multiple forwarders, clients and vendors?
Yes. In CargoZone, you can manage all the activities in one place. We call them business partners, which you can smoothly corporate with safely and seamlessly. You can set the permissions based on any business relationship. It can be your vendor, buyer, forwarder, shipping line, or other in your supply chain ecosystem.
3Which kind of organizations can use CargoZone?
Any organizations involved with global procurement & shipping activities. we show you what your supply chain can really do :)
4Any commitment required?
It’s a NO. We believe in freedom. Pay as you go.
5Is your data standardized?
Yep. CargoZone standardizes data from multiple sources to provide a single schema of information and event milestone updates.


Why customers loves us?

We keep it simple, but yet super smart. We allow them to handle more cargo with less risk and supply chain disruptions, so they move more cargo and keep more profit and happier customers.

Improve Organization Overall Preformance
Work smarter, save time, money and minimize risks


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