Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot so... Top 3 questions:

1What CargoZone can do for me>
Using CargoZone, you can manage your catalog, inventory, business partners, documents, and tasks. Our flow begins in purchase demand > purchase order > shipment > DC/FBA/FBM. We use sophisticated algorithms to forecast supply and demand so you can keep the business healthy and winning.
2Can i work with multiple forwarders, clients and vendors?
Yes. In CargoZone, you can manage all the activities in one place. We call them business partners, which you can smoothly corporate with safely and seamlessly. You can set the permissions based on any business relationship. It can be your vendor, buyer, forwarder,3PL, or others in your ecosystem.
3Which kind of sellers / brands can use CargoZone?
Any organizations involved with E+Commerce (it's our shortcut to E-commerce & B&M businesses)


Why customers loves us?

We keep it simple, but yet super smart. We allow them to handle more cargo with less risk and supply chain disruptions, so they move more cargo and keep more profit and happier customers.

Improve Organization Overall Preformance
Work smarter, save time, money and minimize risks


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